Creativity and Seeing That of God in Everyone

“I believe that everyone’s creative; that all human beings have creativity,” says Brooklyn performance artist Yana Landowne. “I also believe there’s that of God in everyone, so that makes me think that the creative spark is God.”

For her, the act of becoming creatively engaged with other people “is a key to opening up spirit and opening up a way of connecting outside of judgment.”

In creating her work, Yana asks herself, “How can my art of encouraging engagement and encouraging expression and encouraging creativity align with encouraging that of God in everyone? And align with bringing people to feel comfortable in their expressiveness and to feel not judged no matter where they are. Because when we’re in a space of judgment that shuts down creativity, that shuts down expression, and it actually shuts down the other person.”

3 thoughts on “Creativity and Seeing That of God in Everyone

  1. Yana, I watched your video four times with warm feelings. You learned how to give love freely. You expressed what holds us back from being our authentic selves; fear of being vulnerable and feeling judged. Thank you for sharing yourself and your love of humanity with us.

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