Connecting to Quaker Faith Through Film

“Whenever you start a project,” says documentary filmmaker Martin Krafft, “you never know what it’s going to turn out as—and if you do know, it’s going to be bad, because you’re not engaging in active discovery.”

Martin has spent the last year and a half documenting a friend’s journey with terminal cancer, and views that work as “[a] kind of open process for discernment, where you’re just trying to make yourself open to whatever piece of truth wants to present itself to you, and you just have to accept that process.”

“I’ve just been very grateful for the support that Quakers have shown,” Martin, an attender at several meetings across the United States, adds; for him, making this film has been a way of “putting my Quaker practice into action of living a life of discernment and trying to live a life of truth as much as I am able to.”

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