How To Use QuakerSpeak For Your Meeting

QuakerSpeak can be a useful tool for your Quaker Meeting, stimulating meaningful discussion among Friends and helping to share the basic principles of faith and practice with spiritual seekers.

Here are a few ways that Meetings are using QuakerSpeak.

1. Discussion Groups

Quaker Discussion GroupIn addition to meeting for worship, many Meetings have what is sometimes called “second hour,” offering newcomers an introduction to Quakerism. QuakerSpeak videos are a quick and simple way to begin a conversation about what matters to us as Friends.

We post a new video every other Thursday, so simply subscribe to our weekly emails to get your discussion group up and running!

A red arrow points to the link found at the bottom of every QuakerSpeak video description.

We offer transcripts of every video so you can follow along with everything being said.

To get things started, we include a few prepared queries with each video. Just click on the “Show Transcript and Discussion Questions” line below any video on our website. Feel free to use these queries—or create your own!

Don’t have WiFi in your Meetinghouse? Get a DVD here.

2. On Your Website

Your Meeting’s website can be a great way to quickly and simply describe to seekers what the Quaker experience is all about. What do Quakers believe? What happens during worship? How can I become a Friend? 

In addition to addressing these types of basic questions, QuakerSpeak videos also provide insight into Friends’ perspectives on a range of contemporary social and spiritual concerns.


Here are a few examples of how Meetings incorporate QuakerSpeak into their website to create a deeper, more meaningful experience for visitors:

A red arrow points to the "Embed" button found when you click "Share" on a QuakerSpeak video's YouTube page.Embed a single QuakerSpeak video on your Meeting’s website (Simple)

Just find the video you want to use on YouTube, then look for the “Share” button below the video. Click on that, then click on “Embed,” and then copy the code that appears and paste it into your own site.

You can find more detailed instructions at this link.

Always show the latest QuakerSpeak video on your Meeting’s website (Advanced)

If you’re using WordPress to publish your Meeting’s website, the following embed code will insert the latest video into your site, automatically updating whenever we publish a new episode. (Make sure you add [ and ] brackets at either end of this text when you copy it and paste it into your site’s code.)