Where We Touch God, and God Touches Us

“Putting language on the experience of that of God within us, I think, is a risky business,” says Christopher Sammond. “Any language is inadequate, and language that I might use will not speak to somebody else.” Nevertheless, we have to try!

“There’s a place where I touch God, and God touches me,” Christopher explains—and, he tells us, one of the most powerful times he felt that touch was during a retreat at Pendle Hill, when Spirit had a message he wasn’t prepared to accept at first.

4 thoughts on “Where We Touch God, and God Touches Us

  1. Thank you so much for this ministry. It really spoke to me, as I struggle with the enormity of climate change and the ruthless pursuit of wealth by powerful politicians and others, at the expense of life around the world today and in the future. We need both to recognise and nurture our own tenderness and connections with the ever-present divine, and also to call out this evil (just as with Hitler’s policies) when we can. Bless you.

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