How Quakers Can Transform the World

Noah Baker Merrill discusses sacramental living, Quaker Voluntary Service, and how our Quaker prophetic witness can transform the world.

Jon Watts

Jon Watts launched and directed the QuakerSpeak project for its first 6 seasons. Keep up to date with Jon’s work at his website.

2 thoughts on “How Quakers Can Transform the World

  1. At The Gathering this past week, I had this epiphany: There is an intersection with my work as a clinician, my work as a teacher, and the work of a clerk: creating an environment into which an invitation can be extended, and, once entered, there is no escape except through change.

    I pondered: perhaps this happens not only in my work roles, but in my daily life, with every encounter that I have. Listening to this video today confirms that notion.

    My whole present life has been lived this way: that God was in me, in everyone and everything that came my way, and that came before and is beyond my way. Through many explorations of different religious organizations – from Catholicism in which I was raised through the Unitarianism to which I finally gravitated, and to the Society of Friends, which I now call home.

    To have this synchronously affirmed, again, nourishes me on my path. Thanks for this one…timing was perfect.

  2. This is a good introduction to living a Quaker life daily. I would love to see Noah go further in a few more videos.

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