The Quaker Practice of Surrendering the Self-Will

Marcelle Martin on the Quaker practice of surrendering the self-will and how this practice will be absolutely crucial if we are going to avoid catastrophe.

Jon Watts

Jon Watts

Jon Watts launched and directed the QuakerSpeak project for its first 6 seasons. Keep up to date with Jon’s work at his website.

3 thoughts on “The Quaker Practice of Surrendering the Self-Will

  1. Marcelle, thank you for delivering beliefs on mankind welfare in a simple form. My understanding of a global consciousness becoming valuable through all of our self-realizations and unification of the pieces of God within, to save our planet, appears to agree.

  2. Thank you for posting this: it is wonderful to hear your thoughts and understandings, Marcelle. You are an amazing teacher and truth-teller!

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