Memes and Humor As Ministry

“We have both had some pretty frustrating, difficult, painful experiences among Friends and we’re still Quakers,” Lucia Kalinosky says when asked why they co-founded the Instagram account “Meme-istry and Counsel” with Sally Wiedenbeck. “This is our spiritual home and we didn’t want to leave it, but we also needed to criticize it in a pretty robust way.”

Sally and Lucia elaborate on how they use humorous memes to raise issues Friends are sometimes reluctant to confront, such as police and prison abolition, racism, and gender discrimination (especially trans and non-binary issues). “These are struggles that we need to talk about,” Sally says, “so that we can try and find a way to include them and try and recognize that we have these common struggles…There’s power in that.”

Checkout the Meme-istry and Counsel page on Instagram!

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1 thought on “Memes and Humor As Ministry

  1. Brilliant! ! Could relate to all that and at the same time they made it fun and funny. Truthful tho. Thank you all.
    Anne Griffith. Stony Run Friends Baltimore.

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