Creating a Friends Victory Garden

“I just couldn’t sit in my house and feel scared and powerless,” Avis Wanda McClinton says, thinking back to the early months of the pandemic. “There’s always something to do, you know? I’m a child of God. He gave me these beautiful hands and gave me this big heart, and I know how to grow food.” So that’s what she did.

“When you’re farming, it’s a solitary thing,” Avis Wanda reflects. “Down on my knees, preparing the beds for the plants, I just talked to God as I worked the earth, told him my fears and my worries and what I hope for the future.”

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?


7 thoughts on “Creating a Friends Victory Garden

  1. This is a must-watch video. Beautifully filmed and edited, it is an outstanding portrayal of a truly remarkable woman doing something remarkable with her gifts. I am so glad I watched this!

  2. I first met Avis in an Alaska Friends Conference gathering several yeras ago. Then as now, she speaks with an utterly inspiring sincerity. Her simple ministry – I am a child of God – even in gardening – touches me profoundly.

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