Why Do Quakers Worship in Silence?

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On the surface, it can seem like Quaker worship is just sitting in silence. But as Lloyd Lee Wilson explains, something much more profound is happening.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

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  1. Susana Sotillo

    City & State
    Thank you for sharing. I will send this to my son who benefitted from an excellent Quacker education in Philadelphia.♥️

    P.S. I hope you succeed in dismantling through shared communion the evil warmongering machine in this and other subject countries.

  2. EstherGrace Gilbert

    City & State
    Phila., PA
    Thank thee.
    I especially appreciate thy explanation of the difference between meditation and our worship. I had just recently given up. I just wish othérs would listen more deeply and talk less.

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