My Life as a Quaker Political Campaign Manager

Early in our history, Quakers were successful in business because of our integrity. In a field dominated by dishonest and manipulative practices, Quakers’ simplicity and honesty was a breath of fresh air. Could the same approach work today in politics?

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

4 thoughts on “My Life as a Quaker Political Campaign Manager

  1. She makes a good point about participating … not enough to vote or donate $, but we also need to show up. Otherwise, one could say that a Friend is talking the talk but not walking the walk.

  2. I was once accosted by a gentleman who had learnt I was a Quaker – and therefore a pacifist. He challenged me in the form of the query “How can you sleep at night knowing others are doing the work of protecting you?”

    That began a long discussion between us, whereby I reiterated many times (and in many ways) that the role and life and witness of a “pacifist” was NOT to “be passive”, but to be constantly active … for justice and actions to stop war or the preparation for war.

    I did not convince this gentleman to become a pacifist himself, however in the end, I did convince him that I slept well. And he gave me a line which I will happily take to the grave with me:
    “I suppose pacifists do add a certain leavening to society.”

    When I think about the difference between leavened and unleavened bread, and what a small addition to the baking mix a leavening agent usually is, I think it is a wonderful analogy. In this I was truly able to walk cheerfully and answer that of God in my disputer.

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