What to Expect at a Quaker Wedding

Attending a Quaker wedding? Here’s what you can expect.

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Jon Watts

Jon Watts launched and directed the QuakerSpeak project for its first 6 seasons. Keep up to date with Jon’s work at his website.

11 thoughts on “What to Expect at a Quaker Wedding

  1. I and all of my sisters were married in Quaker weddings, and my daughter was, too. But I have a wonderful story from my daughter’s wedding. When it came time to bring the wedding certificate forward to have them sign, the table was there, but not the certificate! Everything stopped for a moment and my daughter said “Oh, I left it in the community room where we got ready. I haven’t done this before!” To great chuckles from the assembled Meeting, her Overseer (the wonderful Max Carter) said “And we hope you won’t ever be doing it again!” Bottom line – the certificate was rescued in a few minutes and everything proceeded apace.. It was a wonderfully centered and supportive and friendly wedding!

  2. It is a wonderful video, thank you Jon! As it happens my son and his partner of many years have been trying to figure out how to do a Quaker style wedding though they won’t be under the care of a meeting, and it’s a very useful piece for them and her family which is not Quaker…

  3. An excellent video that explains well the details of a Quaker marriage and particularly the request for Divine Assistance by the couple to be married and the spiritually supportive messages from all those who are present are at the heart of a Quaker wedding ceremony.

  4. An interesting moment to see the experience of other Quakers. What a diversity. In my Kenyan experience, where the programmed tradition is predominant, there is a slight deviation from this presentation: parents hand over the bride; the pastor, licensed by the government, presides over the vows and promises; singing and preaching is done; garments are particular for the bridal party; and finally, photos and a reception banquet completes the day. What a diversity.

  5. A wonderful video. It reminded me of our Quaker wedding in England last year. There was a feeling of God’s presence and blessing. We were surrounded by the love and prayerful support of those attending. It was a great start to married life. I just wish that your video had been available then so that our non-Quaker guests could have viewed it beforehand.

  6. Beautiful video. Thank you!
    It was a Quaker wedding that got me and my husband to Meeting for the first time…and we never left. We had intended to explore other faith traditions, but that wedding was the most beautiful and heartfelt ceremony we had ever witnessed. So we stayed….for the rest of our lives.

  7. A good engagement and informative of our diversity. The rich experience is needed for others to learn from.

  8. Most of the Quaker weddings that I have been to have been weddings of people along the LGBTQ spectrum. The fact that Quakers have been at the forefront of the continuing revelation about equal marriage is one of the reasons I am still a Friend. Though I know that a number of the people in this video fall identify as LGBTQ, there were no obvious pictures of a same sex marriage; the closest it came was a wedding certificate with two names that sound female. I found that disappointing in an otherwise wonderful video.

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