What is a Friends Church?

What, exactly, is a “Friends Church,” and how do Friends churches differ from other Christian congregations and services? Watch and find out.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

Jon Watts

Jon Watts launched and directed the QuakerSpeak project for its first 6 seasons. Keep up to date with Jon’s work at his website.

11 thoughts on “What is a Friends Church?

  1. I would appreciate an interview with someone who was not Christocentric, perhaps one or more actually feeling themselves as a “non theist” Friend. Your videos highlight the Christian Quaker point of view and I believe this is not representative of the majority of Friends. I could be wrong, but I became a Quaker about 28 years ago with encouragement from the Wider Quaker Fellowship and enjoyed Friends Journal at that time. Nothing has changed, so I am surprised at the many videos you are making which deal with Christocentric spirituality and so few which highly at the incredible social activism and spirituality of non-Christian Friends. Just my opinion. . . I have been to Meetings all over the world and very rarely meet people like those who are featured in your videos. (Wondering how you choose them. They are lovely people, very articulate and committed to their beliefs, but really don’t speak for me. ) This is not an issue for me, but I just wanted to let you know my opinion.

  2. To comment on the reaction of mika goldin above, I would not agree that the Friends Videos emphasize the specifically Christian Quaker aspect as articulated by Evangelical Friends, a conference largely in Western USA. Mika if you would take time and go back through the first 3 seasons of Quaker Speaks, you would find mainly the Quaker beliefs and practices you are more familiar with. In fact, having gone thru all 3 seasons ( I bought them on CD), I would say that the majority of the pieces are not concerned with the Christocentric viewpoint. There are some very interesting expressions of Friends who take a nontheist approach to their spiritual life. However, I am glad that in this series, all elements are represented in what I like to think of as “big Tent Quakerism” — a faith deep enough to encompass some differences. After all, it was one of our leading inspirers, John Woolman, who wrote in his journal after worshipping with Native Americans, “I found no narrowness concerning sects, but rather that true hearted believers everywhere are accepted of Him.”

  3. You might be surprised of the number of Friends around the world that are Christ centered.
    I enjoyed her thoughts on people being the church – it is what the Bible teaches & part of Friend’s history.

  4. I was born a Friend in Mexico. I am am a member of the church in Victoria Tamaulipas, but I have lived in the States for 50+ years. There is no Friends church here, so I worship at the Methodist Church.

  5. The pillars of friends church have helped me live a life of Christianity. Its when im seeing this for the first time but its good. God bless all

  6. I love the diverse topics and seasoned responses to questions or concerns posed to each video participate. Deep faith mixes with practical devotion to God. Keep up the creative endeavor.

  7. I think that, just as sitting in a circle, or sitting in silence, is really a universal human thing, Quakers meeting together for silent worship does not necessarily need to be referred to as ‘church’.

    Fox referred to the churches of his time as ‘steeplehouses’. One does not need to worship in a building that has a steeple, nor even a cupola of any sort.

    At the end of the day, so to speak, one does not need to know the name ‘Jesus’ to be a Quaker. And one certainly does not need to think of either the people they solemnify their spiritual certitude with, nor the building where they do that, as ‘church’.

    I was, for a time, an at-large Quaker representative on the National Council of Churches Advisory Board. The Council of Churches defines its organizational members as ‘communions’. Is the group you worship with, or solemnify your spirituality with, a ‘communion’? You see where I am going with this line of reasoning?

  8. Friends church has helped to extensively involved in the spread of the gospel(evangelism) being one of the am proud being a Quaker. It’s meditative of the word of God and being the doer of the word.

  9. I like Janet’s comment about “big tent Quakerism” and I love that my meeting in Wilton, CT has a diversity of belief (and doubts). Just among us – I am a lot more Christ-centric than the average bear, and actually wish my meeting would lean more that way. But I am thrilled to be with a community of welcoming and seeking individuals and that each Sunday / First Day, we help each other in this group hike through the forest of life.

  10. I’m looking forward to visiting the Friends meeting house/church on Goddard here in Boise tomorrow.m

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