Weird Quaker Tweets

Out of curiosity, Mackenzie Morgan started searching Twitter to see what people were saying about Quakers.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

5 thoughts on “Weird Quaker Tweets

  1. whooops… yes many Christians who were NOT Quakers helped to free enslaved people. There is a book by David Swift about African Americans in the north who were part of congregational churches who helped enslaved people. Sorry she did not pike that harder.

    This is of mixed help in my opinion….

  2. My Quaker influence was Mainly through Friends select –But all that influence made me strong, -Faithful, and appreciative of “Quakers!More important than college!—Llewellyn Rinald

  3. Also – there are more Quakers in Africa than in N. America. So there are plenty of Black Quakers – due to the mission work of FUM the more conservative branch of Friends.

  4. Love this video.
    I never comment on videos etc but this made my light burn brighter.
    Coming from Derby, England, I feel very proud of my Quaker ancestors, my quaker family and my Quaker future. And I love chocolate (and bonnets)

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