The Interplay of Quakerism and Therapy

“I think being a Quaker makes me a better therapist and being a therapist makes me a better Quaker,” Hayden Dawes says. “Learning to see that of God in everyone, I think, helps me to sit in the distress that others might bring in… so that I can show up in a more authentic, genuine [way], willing to enter into those kind of dark, suffering spots that people bring into therapy.”

Hayden also told us about the impetus for “An Invitation to White Therapists,” a call to recognize the ways in which the mental health profession has helped perpetuate and normalize racist ideologies. “If I had not learned how to listen to Spirit,” he reflects, “I’m not sure that I would have had the courage to sit down to write it, and then after writing it to hear Spirit push me to put it out in the world.”

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