The Spirituality of Storytelling

“My art,” Cai Quirk says, “is an expression of my faith.” Though photography is a central focus for Cai’s art, their work stretches across categories to weave myth-like stories. “Stories have power to reach beyond our brain and into our emotions and our bodies and our souls, our hearts, and in that way they can connect us in deeper ways to each other, to ourselves, to the earth.”

Cai has attended Quaker meetings since they were five days old, and sees their art as part of a lifetime engagement with continued revelation, which includes ongoing discovery about gender, identity, and spirituality. “It feels like the Divine is very much pulling this to be out in the world,” they explain, “opening the doors to wider understandings.”

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?


3 thoughts on “The Spirituality of Storytelling

  1. Thanks for your art, Cai, and for sharing your creative process. These times require opening up to spirit to guide us forward. Your work is an inspiration.

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