Spirituality on the Road: Five Years of Quaker RV Living

When Betsey Kenworthy’s adult son suggested that she and her husband downsize from their large home, maybe he thought they’d get an apartment in town. But Betsey wasn’t ready to settle down—so they put the house up for sale, bought an RV trailer, and were on the road in three months.

“I knew that it was the right thing to do,” she says. “The Spirit was clear that this was time, the season to do this… You ask if it was a spiritual decision. Maybe all our decisions are spiritual.”

Laying down all her material and emotional attachments was much harder than Betsey had anticipated, but life on the road has taught her how to be present in each day as it comes. “No matter what I plan or don’t plan, or what we intend or don’t,” she advises, “the Holy Spirit can see you through it. And lots of times, what happens is way better than what we planned.”

3 thoughts on “Spirituality on the Road: Five Years of Quaker RV Living

  1. A wonderful, inspiring video. I’m particularly interested in Betsey’s ministry of listening, and of blessing the place where she is, using the 4 directions. I also have a ministry of song…More please. Helen Gould, Australian Quakers

  2. My wife and I recently sold our home and hit the road for the next 2-5 years. Instead of an RV we are staying in other people’s home as “Trusted Housesitters”, but the feeling of being open to Spirit and letting go of attachment is so similar. People often call us “brave”, but I love how eloquently Betsey expresses the ease and lack of fear if we do this truly grounded and connected. I hope after 2-5 years we still feel as positive about it as Betsey.

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