How to Have a Quaker Clearness Committee

When Quakers have a tough decision to make, we help each other listen by holding a clearness committee.

Jon Watts

Jon Watts launched and directed the QuakerSpeak project for its first 6 seasons. Keep up to date with Jon’s work at his website.

7 thoughts on “How to Have a Quaker Clearness Committee

  1. I really like the mixture of people speaking from their own experience. Each one is so careful to describe how the process works and the time it takes.
    It will be very useful for encouraging less-engaged Friends and newish Attenders to seek their meeting’s support with questions and possibilities that arise inwardly, as they grow in the Spirit.

  2. Many years ago, my husband and I were struggling with a family issue and brought it to a clearness committee. There was no answer at the end of that meeting. However, we did hear a couple of new angles that we hadn’t considered and, more importantly, as the last speaker said, we benefited from knowing that we weren’t alone, that this group of Friends had our back. It was such a gift.

  3. While I haven’t engaged in this process myself, I’m confident it has some great value.

    However it can be abused if the focus is interspersed with issues of dispute. The privacy expectations of the event, such as Priestly confidences, can cause imbalances in the failures of dispute resolutions, and abuse of process for other parties in such disputes.

    I have endured personal harm in just such a situation. It sadly has cause mistrust and estrangement between myself and local Meeting.

  4. This Clearness Committee seems so logical for anyone in true wonderment or bewilderment.
    Even if problems are not resolved…the end result is a type of healing, that being done by merely vocalizing
    issues….hearing yourself, seeking answers. Bravo!

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