Creating Visible Support For LGBTQ+ Folks

“When I was growing up,” says Kerry Wiessmann, “I was taught that God is love and I felt like what we need to do is help everybody understand that… God’s greatest gift to us is love and that we need to cherish it with every form that love takes.” With that leading, Kerry has worked steadily since the late 1980s to help her meeting in State College, Pennsylvania, define itself as a welcoming and affirming place for the LGBTQ+ community.

(Note: This interview includes references to death by suicide.) Need support? Reach out:

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1 thought on “Creating Visible Support For LGBTQ+ Folks

  1. Kerry, I am so happy to see this interview. I fondly remember the FLGC group that you and several other Friends in State College started. It was a tremendous source of support for me in the early 90’s.

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