What’s the Difference Between a Welcoming and an Inclusive Space?

What distinguishes a welcoming Quaker meeting from one that’s profoundly inclusive? Lisa Graustein is one of several Friends who shared their vision of an inclusive meeting with us. For her, welcoming starts with the ability to walk into a meetinghouse and feel safe, while inclusivity takes into account what each of us might need to flourish in that community.

“Do we understand,” she asks, “that parents of young children, people who might be in a process of transition or coming out, people who are grieving or carrying other intense needs, might need different care?”

What does inclusivity look like to you? Has your meeting taken steps not just to welcome people to Quakerism, but to embrace them into our society? We invite you to share your thoughts in our comments section.

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3 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between a Welcoming and an Inclusive Space?

  1. Not that this would ever happen, but would Quakers be inclusive if the person walking through the door was a Republican?
    Pro-life? A Trump supporter? Not college educated?

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