What to Expect at a Hybrid Quaker Meeting for Worship

“I think God is always available to us,” says Robin Mohr. “It’s when we tune in and actually quiet ourselves to be able to listen to God and to the other people around us [that] worship begins.”

Robin is one of several Friends we spoke with about how meetings for worship that combine in-person and online attendance can foster a connection to Spirit.

“I think that the form of worship is a matter of personal taste and local culture and it varies by where you are,” she adds, “but the opportunity to be together and to be together with God is true for all of us.”

1 thought on “What to Expect at a Hybrid Quaker Meeting for Worship

  1. Thank you for this video! I am immune suppressed and have not yet felt safe attending worship in person. Some Friends in my meeting have complained that the screen with Zoom attenders is distracting and detracts from their experience of worship. I recognize that we all have different personalities and spiritual needs, but such comments are hurtful if Zoom (or video) is your only option for attending. I prefer to focus on all the ways that technology has expanded our ability to meet and worship together.

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