How to Clerk a Quaker Business Meeting

Arthur Larrabee teaches a popular workshop on how to facilitate Quaker decision making. In this week’s video, we asked him what advice he has for future clerks.

3 thoughts on “How to Clerk a Quaker Business Meeting

  1. Thank you , Arthur. Our meeting has had a very much “cross to bear” issue in clerking and serving on committees. What a lovely reminder that such attitudes do not help us–and that the inspiration much be about joy in service.

  2. I’m leaving a comment here, because I heard Arthur Larrabee give an evening talk last night at Friends Seminary (10/27/16). Thank you, Arthur. I still hear one of your refrains: “Take off your sword, Arthur.”
    I loved your deeply personal stories and how you were able to convey the essence of Quakerism. I thought you courageous, in fact, to take your audience (most of whom were probably not Quakers) to the heart of Quakerism. I think, though, that your words will resonate with them in some unexpected way and perhaps open them up to a new way of being. Thanks again.
    Janet Soderberg, member of 15th St. Meeting.

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