How Quakers Got Their Name

Why Quakers are called Quakers: the name “Quaker” was originally intended as an insult, until the Religious Society of Friends took it on and claimed it for themselves.

Jon Watts

Jon Watts

Jon Watts launched and directed the QuakerSpeak project for its first 6 seasons. Keep up to date with Jon’s work at his website.

3 thoughts on “How Quakers Got Their Name

  1. The Quakers derived their name for a passage in the 5 Books of Moses ( second Book (Exodus) ,
    It is said :

    “And the entire Mount Sinai smoked because the Lord had descended upon it in fire, and its smoke ascended like the smoke of the kiln, and the entire mountain quaked violently.

    The term “Quaked” was also used by the Tribes of Israel, because they feared G-D, hence the term G-D fearing People,
    In Hebrew the word is “Charad” and hence religious Jews the Hebrew term Chasidic ( softer pronunciation of Charadi) Jews.
    Hence Very devote Christians are Quakers who have always been the Jews Guardians throughout the terrible persecutions by Europeans.
    The Quaker movement became disillusioned at the corruption and hatred that is Europe’s legacy, and in the 18 & 19th century migrated to start anew world in the new world ( now USA). The Quakers and their descendants are true Christians and many served and serve in the Israeli Defense Forces , and endeavor to insure the Holy land is populated by people who G-D chose.

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