Friends Couple Enrichment: Peacemaking Begins at Home

Quakers believe there is “that of God in everyone.” Here’s how that can manifest in our romantic relationships.

Friends Couple Enrichment: Deepening Intimacy, Finding Peace, Building Community. Curious? Visit us at

2 thoughts on “Friends Couple Enrichment: Peacemaking Begins at Home

  1. Hi Aaron,
    Many Couple Enrichment events include only Quaker participants, because that is the audience who are most aware of Couple Enrichment and CE events.
    Several of us lead workshops or Ongoing Growth Groups that are mixed Quakers and non-Quakers, or exclusively non-Quakers.
    As CE Leader Couples, we may change some of the language we use, but the core concepts are about growing healthy relationships in a community of committed couples. This is not an exclusively Quaker interest.
    All the best,
    Signy Fridriksson

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