Faithfully Translating the Bible

How accurate are modern translations of the Bible? Quaker translator Sarah Ruden says they’re often missing nuance. And humor.

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9 thoughts on “Faithfully Translating the Bible

  1. Sarah, you’re phenomenal. I’d love to hear your translation of every Bible story that there ever is/was/ever-will-be, with the same nuance and passion as The Good Samaritan. Such beautiful presence. It is clear that you are living your Purpose. Thank you.

  2. Sarah thank you! I am preparing to teach First Day tomorrow on biblical history and this sets a great tone for my heart.

  3. I too would like to hear more. I am enchanted by the idea of pity that one feels in one’s gut — pity that lives deep inside one and cannot be denied. If only we had more such stories for I know that there are such Samaritans walking among us. Thank you for giving an engaging and enlightening look at an old story, Sarah.

  4. I wonder what Sarah or other readers think of these translations?
    Andy Gaus’s “Unvarnished New Testament” from the Greek
    Everett Fox’s “Torah” from the Hebrew
    Each seems to me to be sensitive to the effects of context and background knowledge on translation.

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