Exploring Music as a Ministry

As a lifelong musician, Anna Fritz has played a lot of gigs. But when she sang in Quaker worship, Friends in her community started treating her music as something more than performance.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?
Jon Watts

Jon Watts

Jon Watts launched and directed the QuakerSpeak project for its first 6 seasons. Keep up to date with Jon’s work at his website.

16 thoughts on “Exploring Music as a Ministry

  1. I love the Quaker Speaks videos! I try to listen to each one the very day it arrives in my email inbox. As a lover of music, this one especially touched my heart. Thank you for bringing Anna to us.

  2. Anna, a group of us Milwaukee Quakers who gather to sing were just talking about you this afternoon. When I got home, what was waiting for me (and us) but your video! Love your music, love your Quaker story, love you.

  3. Oh Jon your news that you are leaving brought tears to my eyes. Your ministry has been amazing and transformative for all Friends and those who want to learn about us. I’m a Friend who lives in Mexico for at least half of the year. Your videos have sustained me during these months when there is no Meeting.

    I don’t see a link for your newsletter and I would like to receive it.

    1. Hi Martha! What a sweet message, thank you. I am happy to say that QuakerSpeak will continue, and I feel very blessed to have been able to see such an ambitious vision through for these 6 years, and deeply touched at how it has impacted Friends all over the world.

      Here’s the link to the newsletter: jonwatts.com

  4. Thank you, Jon. Anna’s words are an amazing testament to the experience of call itself, the challenges and transformative power of it. I really needed to hear this today. Her words are meaningful to me far beyond a leading to music ministry (I don’t have that).

  5. Thank you, Jon! You have given Quakers and those Interested in Quakers around the world a new vision, a new medium, and a new sense of community. You are a splendid example of social entrepreneurship walking gently throughout the land looking looking for that of God in everyone. Godspeed.

    1. Norval! Thank you Friend, your support means so much. I still credit you with the idea of housing QuakerSpeak at Friends Journal! Thanks for believing in it from the start.

  6. Jon,
    What a little surprise you had for us at the end of this remarkable video. I am writing to share some selfish thoughts. Your work, your ministry, has been an important part of my life since I first discovered it. Through you, I I found Friends Journal and the White Supremacy workshop and the North Columbus Friends Meeting and Pendle Hill and the writings of some of the people you’ve hosted on QuakerSpeak. And your own original wonderful music since your time in college. And so many, many other things! Anna’s artistry being the newest sweet surprise. I can’t wait for the download of her albums to be completed.

    I’ve had silly daydreams of being able to give you and Quakerspeak a million bucks so you could take the video series and your artistic talent globally to help build the Quaker faith worldwide and to better connect American Quakers with the work of their Friends elsewhere. I’ve walked through (too many) crowded airport terminals to find myself staring at little corners or blank spaces of wall imagining video touch walls, kiosks, escape rooms where travelers could immerse themselves in QuakerSpeak videos and virtual shared meetings of silent worship with other travelers around the country connected through your artistry.

    All to say, I can’t express the depth of my thanks for the six years you’ve provided the world a chance to see all that is Quaker in a brand new way through QuakerSpeak. I wish you a well earned rest and great success in your next ventures. Thank you.

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