Every Murder is Real

Whose murder “matters?” Victoria Greene’s son, Emir, was killed in 1997, one of countless victims society ignores. Now her ministry is to support families of murder victims and bring attention to the fact that every murder is real.

Jon Watts

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7 thoughts on “Every Murder is Real

  1. I admire Friend Victoria’s seeing direction in a painful event. Especially when ‘Let it go’ has an important question: “Well, where is it going?” It is so unfortunate to lose family members, but listening to and following an inner light is very important. Each individual has their own direction in Life.

  2. Regarding “EMIR” I so deeply agree
    In my feelings being extended, I wish to arouse all feeling-awareness
    to include more of life’s deeper issues. What about death, any natural death?
    what happens? what does die? what goes on? can we know, at least with our imagination,
    to cross thresholds beyond physical thought habits? Victoria has, her physical loss is transformed
    to a spiritual deed, dispelling taboo. Our head thinking is prone to jaded shallowness, and heart feeling can guide us to deeds of higher will. In time we’ll bring new life to our culture’s aging, war, education, government, marriage, healing, eating, wealth-poverty, etc. etc. Our caring is right and real.

  3. Thank you for sharing an incredibly painful story. Your son, Emir. I cannot imagine your courage and strength. Keep sharing. Continue sharing who he was. Your teaching is so, so important.

  4. This ministry is such a great asset to our community! I am honored to serve as a counselor for the children’s grief support group.Victoria and her daughter Chantay provide much needed healing for families. As a member of Green St. Monthly Mtg I have had the pleasure of to get to know the phenomenal strength, resilience and love of Victoria.

  5. Thank you for this. I’ve never heard a better response to the fear and discomfort that moves people to say “let it go.” Victoria says “Let it go *where*?” If I let go, where is it going?

    I like this question because it helps me in many situations.

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