What’s the Difference Between “Programmed” and “Unprogrammed” Quaker Worship?

When Quakers say that their worship service is “programmed” or “unprogrammed”, what do they mean?

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October 4th

Jon Watts

Jon Watts launched and directed the QuakerSpeak project for its first 6 seasons. Keep up to date with Jon’s work at his website.

5 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between “Programmed” and “Unprogrammed” Quaker Worship?

  1. Greetings,
    I found this really good and useful. I am a New Zealand Friend; we are all unprogrammed here, but my dealings with (mainly) American Friends has showed me more of the ways we seek the spirit.

  2. Wonderful! It’s like the high points of my ten years’ service with Friends World Committee made somehow to fit into seven minutes. Thank you!

  3. I grew up in a Midwestern Programmed meeting, have had experiences in many “semi-programmed” meetings & now worship in a Philadelphia meeting … I understand the “big Tent” of Quakerism, from the heart, and from my life. I wish more FGC members could see this video and explore its meaning. Too many brand-new Friends in the unprogrammed tradition do not understand how Quakerism can diffuse many different forms of worship in different meetings. Oddly, they seem doctrinaire in their ideas of what is “Quakerly.” In 300+ years, my own family has developed a broader perspective. thank you for this; you are doing God’s work.

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