What Can Quakers Do to Combat Islamophobia?

In these times of rising anti-Muslim sentiment, how can Quakers demonstrate our spiritual conviction of equality?

5 Things Your Congregation Can Do To Stop Islamophobia

Jon Watts

Jon Watts launched and directed the QuakerSpeak project for its first 6 seasons. Keep up to date with Jon’s work at his website.

6 thoughts on “What Can Quakers Do to Combat Islamophobia?

  1. I accept what has been said here. But last year in the United States there were more hate crimes against Jews than against Moslems. Yet to my knowledge Quakers have never discussed anti-Semitism (or the Holocaust) in any systematic way. Jon Watts: might you begin a discussion here?

  2. What can Quakers do to combat Islamophobia? First, quit calling it “Islamophobia” — a pejorative term that objectifies those who might readily admit to “anti-Muslim sentiment” which is a much less polarizing way of describing what I think you mean. Surely it’s Peacemaker 101 to try to build bridges rather than demonizing the other?

  3. There is a difference between xenophobic hatred of Muslims, and criticism of Islam. When Islamophobia is used as an umbrella term to cover both, there is a danger that critical voices will be silenced, and the minorities within the minority will be told to keep quiet.

  4. I love QuakerSpeak. Since I discovered it, I wouldn’t miss an issue. This one touched my heart especially because I have Muslims in my classes every semester. I reach out to them through the Roger Williams University Intercultural Center, I have them for Facebook Friends. I fear the way people generalize to a population of over a billion upon the actions of a few. Bless you, Quaker Speak. I hope my friends will watch this and to their part to welcome all good people regardless of religion.

  5. Let’s not get too ‘hung up’ on the words and focus on the spirit of what is being said in this QuakerSpeak video. We can choose to let words get in the way, or we can choose to open our minds and hearts to the nature of what’s being said here. While accuracy is important in communication, we should allow the essence of the message to take precedence.
    This video set out to describe practical ways Quakers can overcome hatred against Muslims, and in my opinion, it has achieved that.

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