Making My Own Quaker-Adjacent Community

“I think the reason I never got involved with Quakers before I met my husband was I didn’t think of quiet meeting for worship as my style,” Sabrina McCarthy admits. “I’m not sure it’s my style even now, but I love everything else about Quakerism… I love the simplicity of the lifestyle, the sharing, the ability of everybody to be a minister in the meeting. It has given me an outlet for my own spiritual development by allowing me to participate in ministry.”

Although she hasn’t formally joined a meeting, Sabrina has partnered with other women in the Friends community to create a BIPOC women’s group that meets online. “What we do together is some worship sharing, some healing movement, some attention to cultural matters like music or art,” she explains. “In our normal interactions, even in Quaker meetings, there are little stings, little taps, little microaggressions some people call them—and to be able to relax and know you’re in a space where you’re understood is so important and it allows you to expand spiritually.”

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