“I Am Always at Quaker Meeting for Worship”

Quakers say that “God dwells within everyone.” What does it look like to take that seriously?

4 thoughts on ““I Am Always at Quaker Meeting for Worship”

  1. This lady “speaks to my condition” (not George Fox’s sense though!). The person I probably identify with most is the 17th century Carmelite monk Br Lawrence as he speaks of himself in “The practice of the presence of God” see PDF file at: http://www.dunedin.elim.org.nz/uploads/1/2/7/8/12786940/brother_lawrence_-_the_practice_of_the_presence_of_god.pdf
    My own mystical relationship does not show itself as particularly Christian, but nevertheless I know how it is for Br Lawrence. It can be hard to live with, but would now be much harder to live without. It makes me smile –just like the speaker in this video. By golly do I know that smile!!!

  2. Dear O, Remember me, the Aussie at Pendle Hill a few years’ back? It was so wonderful to hear your message and to see your lovely face and yes I do experience being in the presence of God with some people and some of the time and I believe that one day it will be with everyone and all of the time. Blessings, Helen

  3. Dear O, You touch my soul.

    I just need to tell you: Namaste (“I bow to the God within you”, or “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”)


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