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Staying Engaged as a Young Adult Quaker

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Young Adult Friends are often transitory and sometimes don’t return to Quakerism. So how can they stay engaged?

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  1. Jane Lippincott

    City & State
    I want to share this with my daughter. I don’t want to do it via Facebook. Is there a link that I can email her?

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  2. Helen Gould

    Hi Jon
    A lovely piece as usual. However I’d prefer not to have my attention diminished by little pop-ups or whatever they are called, drawing my attention to other videos etc. Part of what is unique about our worship is that we centre down, we let go of distractions, so please maintain this tradition with QuakerSpeak too.

    thanks, Helen Gould

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      Jon Watts

      Thanks for your comment, Helen! We try to keep those to a minimum where we can. You are always welcome to hide them by switching “annotations” to “off” in the menu that pops up when you click the gear in the bottom right of any of our videos. -Jon

  3. Helen Gould

    City & State
    NSW Australia
    thanks Jon, I’m learning something new as usual! Helen

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