Click to watch: “Narrative Theology: The Importance of Quaker Histories and Biographies”

Narrative Theology: The Importance of Quaker Histories and Biographies

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Why are Quakers so hung up about our histories and biographies? Doug Gwyn says it’s because we have no creed, so we rely on stories.

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  1. Joan Kindler

    City & State
    Whitestone New York
    I love every mention of quotes from writings of early Friends. It doesn’t matter how many times
    I may have read them. Always new and inspirational.

  2. Vivienne

    It seems that statements such as: “We have no creed”, our theology is “narrative” theology, Or the theology of experience, are all doctrine, just different doctrine. Not a criticism, but I think Quakers do have doctrine.

  3. William Read

    City & State
    San Jose, Costa Rica
    THANKS !!!!!
    This shook me up a bit.
    I need to be more in touch with my Quakerism during the week. Otherwise,
    I only think of it on First days.

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