Click to Watch: Who is Quaker Meeting for?

Who is Quaker Meeting for?

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Do you think that Quaker Meeting might be for you or someone you know? Come check us out! Click here to find a Meeting near you!

Comments 4

  1. Dorothy S. Richards

    Rachel’s message fills the GAP. She informs while being gentle, amiable and passionate.

  2. paula peterson

    I very much appreciated Rachel’s message.
    She was to the point clear and spoke her truth.
    I liked her use of the word “divine”.
    thank you Rachel.

  3. Tom Stanley

    Possibly without knowing it I have been living a “Friends” lifestyle, involving, accepting and hopefully loving reasonably well. It may an inspiration to return to the meetings that I’ve not been at for a very long time.

    Thank You. Tom

  4. mary taylor

    I was discriminated against because I would not stand up and introduce myself when I was a visitor at a Quaker meeting.

    I was simply trying to protect my accompanying sister who was in a sensitive moment in her life just having been discharged from a long stay at a mental hospital.

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