What Do Quakers Believe About God?

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What is God? We asked 20 Quakers, here’s what they said.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

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  1. Marcelle Martin

    City & State
    Chester, PA
    What a beautiful video. It’s wonderful to see and hear so many different Friends speak about their experience and understanding of God.

  2. jules

    City & State
    Some very interesting people I’ve met…
    ……..say that they believe “in GOD” as long as you spell the word with two O’s.

  3. Paul S Riley

    City & State
    Paul Riley Jim Rose did an impressive presentation about God and the World. the closer we get to the Word of God the more the Holy Spirit is able to breath the Light within into our souls it will lead us to the Life unending to that far shore.

  4. dorothy RICHARDS

    City & State
    I and the divine spirit are one. The roots are dug firmly in the soil of my soul. We are one.

  5. Shirley Kirkwood

    City & State
    I have learned to use energy work and suggest that the editors of this magazine search the internet for Healing Beyond Boundaries and other energy work sites and perhaps write an article for the magazine about energy work. It is truly an eye opening way of understanding “that of God in everyone.” And in all living plants and animals. You will be happy to learn about energy work.
    Shirley Kirkwood, Valley Friends Meeting, Dayton, VA

  6. Tess

    City & State
    Portland Oregon
    I used this video as a discussion starter First Day morning. The things Friends shared from deep within were amazing. Everyone had an opportunity to share. Everyone remained respectful and worshipful through the entire time. (That does not always happen with us.) Almost everyone expressed their appreciation of the topic and how we addressed it. Amazing!

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