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War is Not the Answer

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If “War is not the Answer” what is? Diane Randall of FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation) talks Quaker pacifism, pentagon spending, and the military industrial complex.

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  1. Owen deRis

    The work you are doing with Quaker Speak
    is way over me. I love and cheer it.
    I’m beginning to think this initiative needs
    a tangible platform in our Meeting.
    We could and should allow such video shorts
    to also formally resonate our Word

  2. Paul Bender

    Diane’s message on “If war is not the answer, what is?” resonates deeply with me. What in my life needs to change so that I give no occasion for war? As we become united and speak with one voice to our society, our world, the message we offer is magnified many times over.

  3. Helen Gould

    Hi Diane, a great video especially the last bit about the changes in our own lives from practising Quaker practice (I believe the faith comes out of the practice) – I’m Australian, I’ve introduced QuakerSpeak to Quakers in S Korea as well as Australia – it would help us non-US folks if you would explain things like, what Dwight Eisenhower said about the military-industrial complex; in other words, Jon & Diane, be aware that your videos are going to non-US people including some non-English speakers, and make things clear for us –
    thanks, Jon I love this series – Helen

  4. Dr. Jack LaRocca, D.Min

    Hi Diane,

    The people of earth will not continue to tolerate any longer being subjected to wars,
    poverty, misinformation from governments all around the world. All the old systems survived during the Dispensation Period of Grace ended December 21, 2012 at the correct time of the Mayan calendar being completed for that era. A new Dispensation of Love is now in place replacing the first two Dispensations.

    Old Testament was the Dispensation of the Law
    New Testament was the Dispensation of Grace.
    These two are being permanently replaced by the Dispensation of Love.

    This year 2014 is the starting year for Divine Love. All mankind will come into the full conscious protection of Divine Love. The entire Galaxy of highly spiritualized advanced beings from different dimensions are presently shifting earth’s vibration frequency. We are no longer isolated from our Galactic Family. What you have been doing in prayer the world will do. It is what God intended. At last: Peace on Earth and Good Will to All Mankind. This is really happening and Jesus with His Legions of Galactic Family Workers are preparing their return faithfully as promised 2,000 years. Share the Good News. We are all on an exciting wave of Ascension.

  5. Joy Rising

    Dear People,

    I have watched every one of the lessons that you have videoed. Wonderful, wonderful. I hope you can keep it up. It makes a person who lives in the tiny country of New Zealand feel part of the Quaker whanau (family). Blessings.

  6. Martina Weitsch

    Diane, what a fantastic video! Thank you for doing this. I’ll be speaking to a group of Year 11 students (in the UK that means around 15 to 16 years old) about Quakers and Peace and I’ll be quoting from this. So thank you for that.
    And the work you and FCNL are doing is absolutely vital and thank you for that, too.

  7. Rod Zwirner

    Very cogent and well spoken, but I do miss the Shared Security frame. Perhaps it was edited out.
    Some of us working with QEW find Shared Security very helpful in explaining all 4 “seeks’.

  8. Solveig Dale Eskedahl

    City & State
    Iam a NorwegianAmerican Quaker living now in Grimstad ,Norway. I do so enjoy. The Quakers speak. Iam very committed. To the Quaker way. ,like live simple so other simple can live. And no. Violence I have experience war first hand. And it live its mark. Therefore I would never give my vote to a party THAT is killing my fellow human beings WE are all connected. Former president for International helping hand. Solveig Dale Eskedahl


  9. Irene Oleksiw

    City & State
    Downingtown, PA
    The work of the FCNL is a stellar example of faith in practice. Thank you for this well-framed, informative piece. First rate.

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