Why Should We Choose Democracy?

Earlier this year, Quaker peace activist George Lakey started talking with friends and colleagues about the possibility that Donald Trump might reject the results of next week’s presidential election if he loses the electoral college count. “There’s this possible constitutional crisis coming down the pike…and we’re just concerned that nobody’s really providing essential services for getting ready,” he told us. So they set up Choose Democracy, a platform to educate concerned citizens about nonviolent prevention and resistance strategies in the event of a power-grab or coup.

In our conversation, Lakey explains how Choose Democracy identifies the “pillars” of society that maintain state power, and how the movement intends to reach out to those institutions—including politicians, the police, and the military—and encourage them to support a peaceful transition.

Doing that groundwork now, he advises, is essential in order to keep the movement nonviolent. “People’s reaction to an attack, even an attack from the Oval Office, will be, very often, violent unless they know something better,” he explains. “Happily, Quakers and others know something better! So preparing is more likely to get people remembering in a moment of crisis, ‘Oh, that’s right. There is something better: let’s do that.'”

Learn how you can take part at the Choose Democracy website.

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