Responding to Gun Violence with 765 Flags

Gun violence is a huge social and public health crisis in the United States, including not just the mass shootings that create headlines, but also domestic violence, suicide, and a wide range of criminal activity. One day, the members of Allen’s Neck Friends Meeting in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, asked themselves: “As Quakers, what can we do to try and address what this is doing to our country?”

Inspired by the Nepalese tradition of prayer flags, the Friends of Allen’s Neck created an installation of 765 flags, one for each death by gun violence in a typical week in the United States.

Midori Evans, one of the project’s organizers, emphasizes that the flags are a corollary to the work of organizations like Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) advocating for stronger gun control laws, not a substitute. “I know that a lot of times when there’s been a mass shooting or some horrific thing associated with gun violence that what we hear is how prayers and wishes are going out,” she says. “I have a very strong faith. I don’t dismiss the power of prayer, and yet that is not enough.”

Learn more about the project here and check out their article in Friends Journal.

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