Supporting Young Adult Quakers in Their Leadings

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Many Quakers feel called to action, but are unable to bring their ideas to fruition. Learn how five young adult Friends were able to make their leadings a reality.

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  1. Arthur Kincaid

    City & State
    Ambleside, Cumbria
    I knew the Picketts, who were members of my home meeting. I didn’t know they had left this legacy. It’s uplifting to hear of it.

  2. Claire Hannapel

    Loved hearing Liz’s thoughts about early Quakers and how young adults’ leadership helped found Quakerism, and how this parallels with young adults’ lives and leadings today!

  3. Marie Vandenbark

    Congratulations, Rebecca! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more. These are welcome voices.

  4. mark skinner

    City & State
    Columbus, OH
    Nice start to the new year! Inspiring to hear all of the different, wonderful ways young Friends are following their leading. Thank you!

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