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Quaker Worship Pt 3: The Gathered Meeting

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What are Quakers trying to achieve when sitting together in silence? A Gathered Quaker Meeting is a particularly powerful experience.

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  1. Iris Graville

    One of the best descriptions I’ve ever heard about what sometimes happens in Quaker worship. Thank you Quakerspeak and Friends who shared your experiences.

  2. Helen Kearns

    I like the description of falling into the rabbit hole like Alice did. What a playful description and yet so accurate. The experience is waiting and it can only be found in the rabbit hole which is the place we happen upon when we sit with together with friends and the sense of Presence keeps pulling us in.

  3. Robert

    Silent Worship as I understand it is arriving to the meeting house where we meet God, worship God, and anticipate God’s Light, (Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, or Light of God). As we anticipate the presence and the Holy Spirit does come, if and when our hearts are open we may find our heart abundantly filled with God’s Light. This is the Baptism of Fire as I understand it. The Baptism of Fire is an inward event that happens through a clear heart and anticipation. Silent Worship is part of that anticipation.

    Once the human spirit is at one with God’s light said person’s will becomes God’s will. This is when we see people in religious history acting in remarkable ways.

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