A Quaker Perspective on Economics

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Is our economic system blocking the kingdom of God that Quakers seek to build? How do we even begin to address that? It’s a question Pamela Haines has thought a lot about.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

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  1. Eric Palmieri

    City & State
    Rhode Island
    There is so much wrong with this video I don’t even know where to begin. There are lots of things wrong with our economy, and lots of things that go against our Quaker faith, and none of them have to do with markets and all of them have to do with the state using its power and violence to interfere with it.

    Corporate welfare is a good first example, but there are many more.

  2. Joel Hildebrandt

    City & State
    I do agree with what she is saying here, and I think she says it well.
    My frustration with this, and with so many critiques of our current system is that – yes, we delineate what is wrong, but we don’t seem to have any vision of what an ethical system would look like. That’s the hard question, but it needs addressing. Where are we going? What models are there for what an ethical, sustainable, egalitarian economic system might look like?

    My view is that the models are out there. I would encourage people to look at Rojava, Syria, the Zapatista communities in Chiapas (Mexico), the Mondragón cooperatives in Spain, the worker cooperative network in Argentina, the vision of Jackson, MS and Marinaleda, Spain, and the New Economic Coalition in the US.

    Not only is it helpful to have something to work towards, because it shows that a better system is possible. But also, it gives us a place to start now, today. We can do more of this because it is already being done and it is working.

  3. Jules Rensch

    City & State
    Northwood, OH
    So nicely spoken, thank you Pamela…
    Can’t help but think about what I heard, as a kid, all those many years.
    “Don’t let Money become your God”
    Truthfully, I’m seeing that happen and it is troubling.

    Love & Light
    Jules from Northwood, Ohio

  4. Chester Kirchman DMin

    City & State
    Myerstown PA
    Economics or the study of production, consumption, or transfer of wealth can in capitalism become a worship of mammon or against the Spirit of Life. Some in life, do reach a point of fame, like Ghandi, King Jr, Mandela, and Mother Teresa by reaching well beyond the fields of economics, in life with and for others. SPICES (Simple, Peace, Integrity, Commmunity, Equality, Stewardship) provides a solid base for a world of souls reaching beyond the worship of wealth and thereby helping others in their lives. For those individuals, religions, governments, and organizations seeking fame and/or fortune, in the capitalistic system, SPICES can be very difficult to follow and live by.

  5. Shiona Harris

    City & State
    My take is that this is spot on with what’s going on in the world today economically! Small group of people at the top who are only there for themselves. Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth are the 7 deadly sins. The majority of the ‘people’ who drive the economy of the world today all suffer from at least 5 of these. Scary but true. Economy as we know it is not going to be sustainable as the world cannot keep producing at the rate it has too today so something has to give and something has to change! May it begin to right the many wrongs,

  6. John-Magdalene Agel

    It is bad enough that our economic system is driven by narcissism and consumption.

    Worst of all is that our current economic system is wholly dependent upon maintaining and increasing the levels of poverty to support it.

    Last of all is the problem of the oil companies and war industry maintaining a clutch hold upon our economy.

    We already know the answers, we just are unable to effectively act upon them.

  7. Deborah Presnell

    City & State
    This is the first post that has come close to asking questions similar to those of Henry George, 19th c. economist. I learned about him in the ’90’s in NYC at the Henry George School. There were Quakers from NJ who were taught Georgist ideas at home from their parents !! HG was from Pa. also, I think Harrisburg. Certainly has applications today.

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