Painting for Worship

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Quaker painter Adrian Martinez works in solitude yet craves the communal silence of Quaker worship. We talk with him about art, spirituality, and how a poor kid from D.C. wound up painting for U.S. presidents.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

Comments 4

  1. Marlies Tjallingii

    City & State
    Zwolle The Netherlands
    Nice to see Adrians passion about painting. It is like praying through painting. Thanks for sharing your story Adrian.

  2. Larry Muller

    City & State
    Adrian; Do you offer prints of this Quaker painting? I am a member of the Chesterhill Monthly Meeting in Ohio. I would love a copy to hang in my home. Larry

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  4. signe wilkinson

    City & State
    Philadelphia, PA
    Beautiful description of your work. Where can we see the images?

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