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How Many Quakers Are There in the World? (And Where Are They?)

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Every 5 years, Friends World Committee for Consultation publishes a map of Quakers worldwide. So how many Quakers are there in the world? The answer might surprise you.

Celebrate World Quaker Day!

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  1. Kate deRiel

    What a wonderful video for Friends and their friends. I appreciate the leadership of Gretchen Castle and her her ideas for a future of peace and understanding!

  2. Frances

    City & State
    I would be very interested to know which country has the highest population percentage of friends. I would think the UK might because it is common for a religion to most common in the area in which that religion came into being.

    1. Post
  3. Trevor Bending

    City & State
    London, UK
    Very unlikely to be UK with highest proportion of Quakers today. There are less than 25000 of us with a population of over 60 million.
    Much more likely to be the US or Kenya I would think?

  4. Trevor Bending

    City & State
    London, UK
    Frances (again)
    Turns out I was wrong (in part). I’m not sure it matters but I did the maths and:
    Kenya 120,000/48 million = 0.25%
    Bolivia 28500/11.5 million = 0.25%
    Guatemala 20,000/16.5 million = 0.12%
    UK 23,000/66 million = 0.036%
    Nepal 7600/29 million = 0.026%
    US 80,000/325 million = 0.025%
    Taiwan 5000/23.5 million = 0.021%

    I didn’t realise there were so many Americans and so few Quakers there. But I was right about Kenya. Do Quakers then ‘punch above their weight’?!

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