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Why I Worship With Other Kinds of Quakers

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How do we deal with the fact that not all Quakers are like us? For Benigno, our answer to this question is key to how Friends live out our testimonies in the world.

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    1. Post
      Jon Watts

      Hi Anne! Sorry to hear that you you are having trouble getting the audio to work. Are you able to get audio from other videos on YouTube? If you’re still having problems, you can find a troubleshooting guide here.


  1. Eleanor Mullendore

    This is my second subscription. My new email server has not accepted Quaker
    Speak and if I have missed it! Thanks

  2. Michael LaBelle

    Wow. Blast from past. Have not seen Benigno since I moved from Massachusetts in 1998 and left Northampton Monthly Meeting. Good to see you again my F/friend!

  3. Linda pastor

    Put me at Pendle hill way back and without my confusion of thee, thou, and thy, I would be in the mix as I am today. My own meeting, centre mm, de dates from 1687 and the only upgrade has been a flush toilet. Ok. Maybe new bricks. But every first day there is a sense of a gathered, covered meeting and a sense of leaping for joy in the spirit

  4. Adele Nepley

    Indeed, finding unity and love in the midst of diversity is the miracle.
    Love this video, thank you !

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