A Faith-Driven Approach to Helping Homeless People

“As we face this COVID-19 moment, in every way the vulnerable are just getting more and more vulnerable, so it’s incumbent upon people of Faith, any person of conscience—Quakers foremost—that we reach out to those in need, and the homeless in particular are becoming more and more marginalized in this moment.”

As the ministry leaders at Friends Community Church in Orange County, California, Joe and Cara Pfeiffer have labored to address the needs of one of the largest homeless populations in the state. They share how an encounter with a man who came to their door looking for food on a cold, rainy night spurred them to recognize a crisis that was already worsening even before the pandemic—but one in which they see an opportunity for empathy and compassion to flourish. The critical question, as Joe reflects, is: “Will we receive it with open hands or kick against the goad?”

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