Click to Watch: QuakerSpeak Has Half a Million Views!

QuakerSpeak Hits Half a Million Views!

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As QuakerSpeak completes the final month of Season 2, we look back over what we’ve accomplished so far (hint: half a million views!!), what’s coming up, and we announce the Season 2 DVD.

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  1. Richard Hunnisett

    City & State
    Hagerstown Md
    I enjoy the talks but the background music of this last presentation was too loud , it was difficult for me to hear what was being said. My age might well have something to do with it!


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  2. Adele

    City & State
    King of Prussia, Pa
    I agree with Richard, the music should just be background music, it over powers the speakers voice.
    Much gratitude for all of the wonderful videos!

  3. Joy Rising

    City & State
    Tauranga, New Zealand
    Dear Friend Jon,
    I have been watching your videos, I think, since the beginning. They are wonderful and I frequently recommend them to people.

    I was excited to hear about the 500,000 views. I wonder how many new Quakers you have enticed?

    It was disappointing to hear you speaking about the number of views, but have we ever seen you, the instigator of all this? The little shot of you above is not sufficient!

    Much love, Joy Rising

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  4. Irene Oleksiw

    City & State
    Downingtown, PA
    QuakerSpeak is a first class medium to describe the faith and the practice of Quakers. In our meeting, we’ve used it for an Outreach program at our annual Fall Festival and plan to incorporate selected video’s in our Opening Exercises and the Brown Bag series. I have recommended the site to newcomers.

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