Click to Watch: “How George Fox Fit 7 Bible References into a Single Sentence”

How George Fox Fit 7 Bible References into a Single Sentence

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Early Quakers like George Fox packed their writing with biblical allusions. The reason why they did it, though, is profound. Michael Birkel explains in this week’s QuakerSpeak.

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  1. Walter Webb

    City & State
    Nevada City
    Looks like 3 sentences to me, if you count the periods. Martin Luther King was another one to do biblical sentence mashups.

  2. Paulette Meier

    City & State
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Yet another important Quaker Speak video! Not having been raised in a Bible reading tradition, I’ve been ignorant of the many Biblical references in Fox’s writings (and other early Friends.) I appreciate Michael’s explication of this beloved quotation from Fox, showing how each Biblical verse suited his message. Also, I appreciate his comment about how early Friends created new meaning for the Hebrew Testament stories, applying them to their own inward spiritual journey.

  3. George He

    City & State
    It is so inspiring to get the faith of the first Quakers,George Fox is an extraordinary character in history. Thanks for the this great work.

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