When to Speak in Quaker Worship

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How do you know when to stand up and speak out of the silence in Quaker worship? We asked 9 Quakers how to know when you have a message that needs to be shared.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

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  1. jules

    City & State
    love the idea that a message may come “thru you” , yet not be “about you”
    ……..the Divine within will be speaking…

  2. Lisa K

    City & State
    Ann Arbor
    “…it is God among us speaking through who-ever is gathered.” -Kri Burkander
    What a powerful, simple observation! This helps me when the speaking does not fit my idea of what ministry should be: I can ask, what is being said by God through this person who is [fill in the blank here, including talking about the news, asserting an opinion, etc.]?

  3. Marlies Tjallingii

    City & State
    This speaks to my mind. The Friends who share their experience help to understand when to speak in the Quaker meeting. Great. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ron Winger

    City & State
    port townsend, wa 98368
    Thank you for all you are doing.

    Port Townsend, Wa
    Quaker Meeting Member

  5. Frederick Boyle

    City & State
    West Caldwell
    As the silence deepens, the Light within gets brighter to illuminate a thought and/or feeling in the soul. It might be the silence, the brightness, or the soul that motivates me to speak.

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