Welcome to QuakerSpeak || Season 7

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Time for another season of QuakerSpeak! We hope to see you next Thursday.



Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?






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  1. Donna Sassaman

    City & State
    Cowichan Bay, BC Canada
    Sooooo happy that QuakerSpeak is back! Thank you, Rebecca!

  2. Patrick Turner

    City & State
    I am not a Quaker. I have read quite a lot about Quakers and I like very much what I have learned and continue to do so.
    I have deeply missed these weekly videos and I am very happy you’re back.
    I’m convinced I would be involved in a local meeting if there was one. In the meantime I will continue on my journey.

  3. Bruce "Pacho" Lane

    City & State
    Bruce "Pacho" Lane
    Please visit my website,
    http://www.docfilm.com, and watch a few trailers – or films.
    I am member of the Rochester, NY Friends’ Meeting, and also at the Junta de Amigos in Mexico City.
    I would be delighted to be involved with QuakerSpeak – for example, by filming Quakers in Latin America,

  4. Lynn Drickamer

    Welcome! I am looking forward to the rich videos that are coming. Thank you for supporting us all with your work.

    Ann Arbor

  5. Phillip Swank

    City & State
    Laceyville, Pennsylvania
    Patrick speaks my mind. I consider myself a Friend, though geographically-isolated with no meetings near, and lean upon resources such as Quakerspeak. Thank you!

  6. Tony Marshall

    Thanks, QuakerSpeak. You’re a wonderful resource for us in Cape Town, South Africa. Looking forward to your engaging, focused connecting.

  7. Darla Oldynski

    I moved from my home meeting.Abington Monthly meeting , the meeting I am currently near is very small and not very active . This will help me keep in touch with Quaker thoughts.

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