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The Faithfulness Lecture

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When Traci gets a nudge to give vocal ministry, sometimes she feels resistant. That’s when it is time for “The Faithfulness Lecture”.

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  1. kathy luethje

    I cannot get the sound from these and would really like to hear them! Can you give me any suggestions for how to make the sound work?? (new computer, so I’m on a learning curve. Windows 7) Thanks

    1. Post
      Jon Watts

      Hi Kathy! Sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting the sound to play on your new computer! Our videos are hosted on YouTube, are you having the same problem with playing other YouTube videos? If so, you might get some help from this YouTube TroubleShooting Guide.

      Thanks for your interest!

  2. Iris Graville

    Loving this new series; so much information and insight packed into these short videos. Nice balance with Max Carter’s historical overview and Traci’s sharing of personal experience. These will be great resources for my meeting’s Quaker education offerings. Looking forward to more; thank you for your ministry, QuakerSpeak!

  3. Chad Dell

    This is a wonderful story of spoken ministry, right down to the insistent “quaking” that often propels me to my feet on such occasions. Nicely done! I look forward to more episodes of QuakerSpeak.

  4. Rob Roy Woodman

    I have known Traci for many years and have seen here engaged with that struggle with Faithfulness. Don’t underestimate the courage that it sometimes takes. She has long been an inspiration and beacon to me.

  5. mariellen gilpin

    City & State
    Champaign IL
    One of my favorite stories about leadings to speak occurred maybe forty years ago. I was sitting there in worship, meditating away, and suddenly I thought of this really funny joke that I was moved to share in worship. I was somewhat scandalized: “Oh, you just want to hear the sound of your own voice! Try to be clear with yourself, Mariellen, whether you are moved by the Spirit, or by the spirit of performance art! Now get your mind on higher things!” With great difficulty, I turned my attention to God. Then someone stood up and asked a question…to which that joke was the appropriate answer, along with a little reflection on how I saw it applying to the question. Yes, there was a good laugh together, but I knew deep down in my gut that I was not moved by the performer in me, not primarily anyway. I also learned that God has a sense of humor!

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