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Student Activism as Prophetic Ministry

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Trayce Peterson talks with QuakerSpeak about how to support young people, the power of speaking truth, and the incredible importance of students finding their voice.

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  1. Tom Stanley

    Being a one foot in, one foot out Roman Catholic (contemplative) I have often read about the Society of Friends and the good work you folks do worldwide. Mostly though your continually developing sense of inner spirituality allowing such depth and awareness including all our brothers and sisters under God’s umbrella is what I like the most.

    Godspeed Tom Stanley

  2. John Cardarelli

    “Speaking truth to power” is such a tremendous challenge for anyone who values truth and questions the political world where decisions are made. George Fox had remarkable courage and conviction and faithfulness to his truths. As a contemporary example, the ongoing corporate energy extraction (nuclear, coal, fracking, petroleum) is associated with the seeds of war, invasions of energy-rich countries with untold murders, scary pollution of our waterways and oceans, and brinksmanship in beating the drums of war. An obvious alternative, renewable wind and solar power, requires us to shed our hypocrisy in using carbon fuels and speak this truth to political power.

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